The Krapina-Zagorje County has a core TEN_T line and will become a new line to Varaždin.


Zagreb County on the Danube-Mura-Drava-Sava corridor to Krapina, Varaždin, Čakovec and the border with Slovenia.


The City of Zagreb is the start/end station of the proposed Danube–Mura–Drava–Sava corridor in Croatia.

Zagreb–Krapina–Varaždin–Čakovec–Središče–SB Slovenia

Railway lines in Croatia of the Core TEN_T corridor proposal Danube–Mura–Drava–Sava.

Municipality Središče ob Dravi coat of arms

Municipality of Središče ob Dravi has one railway station on its railway line on the border with Croatia.

Municipality of Ormož coat of arm

Municipality of Ormož has four railway stations/ stops on its railway line to the border with Croatia.

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