Current length & type of the line

27 km |
Double-track |
Electrified |

Double-track line, electrified.

Zagreb–Zaprešić–SB Slovenia [27 km]
Upgrade proposal

Double-track |
Multi level crossings |
Speeds up to 160km/h |

To be agreed upon on the regional level.

Zagreb–Zaprešić–SB Slovenia [27 km]
Legend TEN-T railways network Slovenia current future proposal (540 x 90 px)
Map: railway line by municipalities

Zagreb–Zaprešić–SB Slovenia [27 km]

Line from Zagreb to Zaprešić and SB Slovenia in Dobova. 27 railway kilometres. Presented on the map by municipalities.

Table: railway stations/stops by municipalities & location

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1Railway station:Zagreb Gl. kol.Zagreb45.804448415.9787845
2Railway station:Zagreb Zap. kol.Zagreb45.809083915.9541936
3Railway stop:KustošijaZagreb45.810622315.9272440
4Railway stop:VrapčeZagreb45.812230115.8970786
5Railway stop:GajniceZagreb45.813553715.8730870
6Railway stop:PodsusedZagreb45.815587715.8358049
7Railway station:ZaprešićZaprešić45.844484215.8130695
8Railway station:Zaprešić SavskaBrdovec45.854943815.7949065
9Railway station:BrdovecBrdovec45.863491515.7673336
10Railway station:Savski MarofBrdovec45.872038015.7401252
11Railway stop:LadučBrdovec45.878633715.7189881
12Railway stop:SutlaBrdovec45.886035215.6949979
13Railway stop:HarmicaBrdovec45.891822715.6854402

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