Current length & type of the line

27 km |
Double-track |
Electrified |

Double-track line, electrified.

Zagreb–Zaprešić–SB Slovenia [27 km]
Upgrade proposal

Double-track |
Multi level crossings |
Speeds up to 160km/h |

To be agreed upon on the regional level.

Zagreb–Zaprešić–SB Slovenia [27 km]
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Map: railway line by municipalities

Zagreb–Zaprešić–SB Slovenia [27 km]

Line from Zagreb to Zaprešić and SB Slovenia in Dobova. 27 railway kilometres. Presented on the map by municipalities.

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Table: railway stations/stops by municipalities & location

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Line municipalities

Crossing 2 cities & 1 municipality of the Zagreb County

Zagreb coat of arms
City of Zagreb

City of Zagreb has six railway stations/stops only on the railway line to SB Slovenia Dobova.

Zaprešić coat of arms
City of Zaprešić

City of Zaprešić has one railway station on the railway line from Zagreb to SB Slovenia Dobova.

Brdovec coat of arms
Municipality of Brdovec

Municipality of Brdovec has six railway stations/stops on the line from Zagreb to SB Slovenia Dobova.

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