Current length & type of the line

87.1 km |
mostly electrified |
mostly single-track |

The railway line from from the border with Austria to Maribor and further to Pragersko and Središče where it crosses the border with Croatia. It is mostly single-track, with the exception from the Maribor to Pragersko where it is double-track. From Pragersko to Ormož this line is completely renovated but single track. Line is mostly electrified [3 kV]. The only part non-electrified is the part from Ormož to Središče to the border with Croatia.

SB Austria–Maribor [16.4 km]
Maribor–Pragersko [18.8 km]
Pragersko–Ormož [40.3 km]
Ormož–Središče–SB Croatia [11.6 km]
Upgrade proposal

Double-track |
Multi-level crossings |
Electrification upgrade |
Speeds up to 160/250km/h |

Upgrade proposal this line is to be completely double-track, with all multi-level crossings, with speeds up to 160/250 km/h and possible electrification upgrade.

SB Austria–Maribor–Pragersko–Središče–SB Croatia [87.1 km]
Legend TEN-T railways network Slovenia current future proposal (540 x 90 px)
Map: railway line by municipalities

SB Austria–Maribor–Pragersko–Središče–SB Croatia [87.1 km]

Railway points, including stations and stops of the line SB Austria–Maribor–Pragersko–Središče–SB Croatia [87.1 km]. Presented on the map by municipalities.

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Line municipalities

Line SB Austria–Maribor–
Pragersko–Središče–SB Croatia
is crossing 12 municipalities over the Drava river region in Slovenia

Municipality of Ormož coat of arm
Municipality of Ormož

Municipality of Ormož has four railway stations/ stops on its railway line to the border with Croatia.

Municipality Središče ob Dravi coat of arms
Municipality of Središče ob Dravi

Municipality of Središče ob Dravi has one railway station on its railway line on the border with Croatia.

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