Current length & type of the line

87.1 km |
mostly electrified |
mostly single-track |

The railway line from from the border with Austria to Maribor and further to Pragersko and Središče where it crosses the border with Croatia. It is mostly single-track, with the exception from the Maribor to Pragersko where it is double-track. From Pragersko to Ormož this line is completely renovated but single track. Line is mostly electrified [3 kV]. The only part non-electrified is the part from Ormož to Središče to the border with Croatia.

SB Austria–Maribor [16.4 km]
Maribor–Pragersko [18.8 km]
Pragersko–Ormož [40.3 km]
Ormož–Središče–SB Croatia [11.6 km]
Upgrade proposal

Double-track |
Multi-level crossings |
Electrification upgrade |
Speeds up to 160/250km/h |

Upgrade proposal this line is to be completely double-track, with all multi-level crossings, with speeds up to 160/250 km/h and possible electrification upgrade.

SB Austria–Maribor–Pragersko–Središče–SB Croatia [87.1 km]
Legend TEN-T railways network Slovenia current future proposal (540 x 90 px)
Map: railway line by municipalities

SB Austria–Maribor–Pragersko–Središče–SB Croatia [87.1 km]

Railway points, including stations and stops of the line SB Austria–Maribor–Pragersko–Središče–SB Croatia [87.1 km]. Presented on the map by municipalities.

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