Direktor des Instituts Mobilitatis Omni; ehemaliger Dozent für Designmanagement; derzeit Doktorand für Umweltschutz an der Universität Ljubljana

Brief info

“We developed the idea of re-activating existing railway lines along the Mura and Drava rivers regions together with friends and colleagues from volleyball. Namely, I used to train volleyball, that’s why I studied sport, to become a volleyball coach. I’m still an active beach volleyball player and organiser of national and international beach volleyball events.

I’m very grateful to the first founders and members of Mobilitatis Omni, who have formalised this civic initiative into an institute. Alone, without the support of founders, members, colleagues, and friends, I wouldn’t be able to run this initiative, which is based on a rather crazy idea. Possibly, that is why the former board president of one of the first founders calls me a ‘Don Quixote’. Make no mistake, we have a professional approach to our mission, but it is my responsibility to professionalise Mobilitatis Omni rather sooner than later. For the international railway corridors and cycling routes development, we need all the support possible.

Alongside my professional career, I have managed to defend two Masters’ of Sciences, the former in Anthropology of Everyday Life at the AMEU Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis and the latter in General Management at the international master’s program of the University Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business.

Already after my first masters’ thesis defend I was asked if I will proceed to a doctoral study. At that time I categorically declined. My interests changed though and in autumn 2018—after several years of looking around for an appropriate option abroad and in Slovenia—I finally enrolled in the interdisciplinary doctoral program of the Ljubljana University Environmental Protection. That’s how I learned to never say never. My doctoral thesis will be a socio-technical analysis of, as you might have guessed, the rise and fall of the railways’ network in Slovenia and its neighborhood countries.

If I have intrigued you to interact or even support our initiative, don't hesitate and contact us ASAP."

My affiliations:
  • Faculty of Design: Senior Lecturer in Design Management;
  • University of Ljubljana: doctoral student at the interdisciplinary doctoral programme Environmental Protection;
  • Cona.center, Beach Volleyball Development Hub: Hub’s Director;
  • Noli Oblivisci Me: Forum on Dementia: Manager.