Railway line Vienna–Graz– Spielfeld-Strass–SB Slovenia
Current kilometres | tracks | electrification

260.1 km |
Electrified |
Double- & single-track |

Mostly double-track line, all electrified [15 kV 16.7 Hz].

Current length & type of the line
Vienna–Graz [211.4 km]
Graz–Werndorf [18.2 km]
Werndorf–Lebring-Sankt Margarethen [8.9 km]
Lebring-Sankt Margarethen–Leibnitz [8.3 km]
Leibnitz–Spielfeld-Straß–SB Slovenia [13.3 km]
Legend TEN-T railways network Slovenia current future proposal (540 x 90 px)
Line upgrade proposal

Double-track |
Multi-level crossings |
Speeds up to 160/250km/h |

Already in plan. In the State Styria the upgrade from Graz to complete double-track line to the border with Slovenia is already agreed. And the Semmering Base Tunnel is also in the upgrade, to be completed by 2028.

Line description by municipality

Railway line
Spielfeld-Straß–SB Slovenia [260.1 km]​

City of Vienna has four railway stations—Wien Hauptbahnhof, Wien Meidling, Wien Atzgersdorf and Wien Liesing—on its Südbahn (English: Austrian Southern Railway). Upgrade proposal for this line—as part of the Corridor Danube–Mura–Drava–Sava is already in plan. City of Vienna is connected also to another core corridor proposal, corridor Drava–Mura–Raba–Danube.

Coridor Danube Mura Drava Sava

Core TEN_T Corridor Danube–Mura–Drava–Sava proposal connecting Vienna and Zagreb.

Coridor Drava–Mura–Raba–Danube

Core TEN-T Coridor Drava–Mura–Raba–Danube proposal: Osijek–Varaždin–Murska Sobota–Szombathely/leg Graz–Bratislava.

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