Railway Line Karawanks Tunnel– Jesenice–Ljubljana–Dobova
Current length & type of the line
Karawanks Tunnel–SB Austria [3.7 km]
Jesenice–Karawanks Tunnel [3.4 km]
Jesenice–Kranj [35.2 km]
Kranj–Ljubljana [28.9 km]
Ljubljana–Dobova–SB Croatia [114,4 km]
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Current railway

185.6 km |
Double & |
Single-track |
Electrified |

Municipality of Dol pri Ljubljani has one railway station—Laze—on its railway line to Ljubljana and Dobova. Upgrade proposal for this line—as part of the Corridor Sava: Salzburg–Jesenice–Ljubljana–Dobova–Zagreb—is a double-track line, electrification upgrade, with speeds up to 160 km/h and multi-level crossings.

Line upgrade proposal

Double-track |
Electrification upgrade |
Speeds up to 160km/h |
Multi level crossings |

To be confirmed on the local and inter-regional level.

Corridors across the municipality

Railway station Laze

Railway station Laze on the territory of the Municipality of Dol pri Ljubljani is part of the core corridor Sava. The municipality is connected also to the core corridor proposal Kamniška Bistrica–Krka–Kolpa.

Corridor Sava proposal connecting Salzburg Ljubljana Zagreb

Core TEN_T Railway Sava Corridor proposal: Salzburg–Jesenice–Ljubljana–Dobova–Zagreb.

Kamniška Bistrica–Krka–Kolpa corridor graphic representation
Kamniška Bistrica–Krka–Kolpa

Crossing three rivers and two countries Kamniška Bistrica–Krka–Kolpa Corridor Proposal: Kamnik–Novo mesto–Karlovac–/Leg Kočevje–/Leg Sevnica.

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