Vera Šinko

Expert Associate in the Municipal Administration of the Municipality of Gornja Radgona, Slovenia

Statement of Support for the Declaration on the Mura's Bridge in the Mura-Drava-Rails network

“Railway line No R42 Ljutomer – Gornja Radgona is one of the railway lines that make up the railway network in Slovenia.The line was established as early as 1890 and connected the town of Radgona with neighboring towns and regions along the Mura River. At that time, a railway bridge over the line was also built, which was partially demolished by the German army on April 12, 1945 – at the time of the withdrawal, so that the railway connection across the Mura River was interrupted. At that time, railway transport (passenger and freight) took place only from Ljutomer to Gornja Radgona, and since 1968 the railway line Gornja Radgona - Ljutomer has been intended only for freight transport.The restoration of the railway bridge over the river Mura and the consequent revival of rail transport (freight and passenger) would not only establish a link over the Mura river and the bond between Gornja Radgona and Bad Radkersburg but would primarily strengthen the integration of several neighboring municipalities, the regions, and countries along the Mura river.”