Agnes Totter

M.Sc. M.Sc. Dr., Member of Parliament

Statement of Support for the Mura's Bridge

“I, MMag. Dr. Agnes Totter, BEd., Abg. z. NR, hereby declare that I am ready to support the project "Mura's Bridge in the Mura-Drava-Railway Network".The project covers several important aspects.On the one hand, the planned railway Mura's bridge stands for intercultural cohesion in the European Union. It offers new opportunities to exchange the various Austrian and Slovenian traditions and to explore historical questions. The border between Austria and Slovenia in particular is marked by a history steeped in history. The bridge can be seen as a symbol of the freedom of movement that we can enjoy in Europe and that was unthinkable in the times of the Iron Curtain.For the European economy, the Mura's bridge is an important link between Central and Western Europe as well. The population of every Member State benefits from a strong Europe in economic terms.By restoring the train connection, the already mentioned positive effects of the Mura's Bridge will be supplemented by a climate-friendly solution. The strengthening of the economy by means of the railroad ensures environmentally friendly transport. This also gives people a new alternative to low-emission travel. A clean environment benefits both the economy and the health of the population – and that goes beyond our borders.”