Railway line Jesenice–Bled–Sežana
length & type of the line

129.8 km |
Single-track |
Non-electrified |

The line Jesenice–Nova Gorica–Sežana or The Bohinj Line, as is its traditional name, is entirely single-track and non-electrified.

Jesenice–Nova Gorica–Sežana [129.8 km]
Proposal for upgrading the line

Single-track |
Electrification |
Speeds up to 120km/h |
Multi-level crossings |

The upgrade proposal has not yet been coordinated at the local and regional level.

Jesenice–Nova Gorica–Sežana [129.8 km]
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infrastructure in the municipality

Jesenice–Sežana [129.8 km]

Municipality of Sežana has four railway stations—Kopriva, Dutovlje, Kreplje and Sežana—on the railway line Jesenice–Sežana. Upgrade proposal for this line—as part of the corridor Julian Alps–Istria—is a single-track line, electrified, with speeds up to 120 km/h and multi-level crossings.

Corridors across the municipality

Railway stations Kopriva,
Dutovlje, Kreplje and Sežana

Railway stations Kopriva, Dutovlje, Kreplje and Sežana are part of the most attractive railway line in Slovenija. The municipality is part of the extended corridor proposal Julian Alps–Istria and nearby extended core corridor proposal Gorizia–Central Slovenia.

Corridor Sava proposal connecting Salzburg Ljubljana Zagreb

Core TEN_T Railway Sava Corridor proposal: Salzburg–Jesenice–Ljubljana–Dobova–Zagreb.

Gorizia–Central Slovenia Leg
Gorizia–Central Slovenia

Extended Core TEN-T Corridor proposal –Gorizia–Central Slovenia–.

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