Current length & type of the line
SB Austria–Maribor [16.4 km]
Maribor–Pragersko [18.8 km]
Pragersko–Ptuj–Ormož [40.3 km]
Ormož–Središče–SB Croatia [11.6 km]
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Line description by municipality

Railway line SB Austria–Maribor–
Pragersko–Središče–SB Croatia [87.1 km]

Municipality of Pesnica has one railway station—Pesnica—on its railway line from the border with Austria to Maribor. Upgrade proposal for this line—as part of the Corridor Danube–Mura–Drava–Sava: Vienna–Graz–Maribor–Ptuj–Čakovec–Varaždin–Krapina–Zaprešić–Zagreb—is a double-track line, electrification upgrade, with speeds up to 160/250 km/h and multi-level crossings. On the part of the line from the border to Maribor the upgrade is already agreed between the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic of Austria. The works in Slovenia on this part of the line are currently ongoing, including the construction of the new tunnel and viaduct.

Table: Railway stations/stops on the line
Map: Railway stations of the current line by municipalities & location

Railway stations on the railway line state border with Austria–Maribor–Pragersko–Središče– to state border with Croatia. Presented on the map by municipalities.

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