Karlovac–Bubnjarci–SB Slovenia railway line
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Current length & type of the line

29.5 km |
Single-track |
Non-Electrified |

Single-track, completely non-electrified.

Karlovac–Bubnjarci–SB Slovenia [29.4 km]
Upgrade proposal

Double-track |
Electrification |
Speeds up to 160km/h |
Multi level crossings |

To be agreed upon on the inter-regional level.

Karlovac–Bubnjarci–SB Slovenia [29.4 km]
Map: railway line by municipalities

Karlovac–Bubnjarci–SB Slovenia [29.5 km]

Railway stations on the railway line Karlovac–Bubnjarci–SB Slovenia [29.5 km]. Presented on the map by municipalities.

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Table: railway stations/stops by municipalities & location

Railway stations of the line Karlovac–Bubnjarci–SB Slovenia. Presented in the table by municipalities and location.

Line municipalities
City of Karlovac & Ozalj &
municipalities of Žakanje & Kamanje
on the Karlovac–Bubnjarci–SB Slovenia line

Railway line Karlovac–Bubnjarci–SB Slovenia is crossing two cities–Karlovac and Ozalj– and two municipalities–Kamanje and Žakanje–of the Karlovac County in Croatia.

Karlovac logo
City of Karlovac

City has three railway stations/stops on its railway line to Bubnjarci.

Ozalj coat of arms
City of Ozalj

City has three railway stations on the railway line Karlovac–Bubnjarci.

Kamanje coat of arms
Municipality of Kamanje

Municipality has two railway stations on the railway line Karlovac–Bubnjarci.

Municipality of Žakanje coat of arms
Municipality of Žakanje

Municipality has one railway station on the railway line Karlovac–Bubnjarci.

Karlovac–Ozalj-Kamanje–Žakanje. Corridor Kamniška Bistrica–Krka–Kolpa

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