Ao. Univ.-Prof. at the Institute of Human Movement Science, Sport and Health, University of Graz, Austria.

Brief info

Professor Sylvia Titze studied Biology and Sport Science at the University of Graz, Austria, and did her Master of Public Health (MPH) postgraduate degree in Switzerland.

The involvement in a worksite physical activity intervention was the starting point for professor Titze's research on health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA). Since that time, Titze’s research interest has moved to the relationship between environmental, social, and personal variables, including physical activity behaviour where her focus is also on bicycling as a means of transport.

More recently, Titze became active in encouraging political commitment for the promotion of HEPA. In this context, professor Titze initiated the development of a physical activity monitoring system in Austria. Furthermore, Titze is for the second time responsible and leads an expert group in order to develop the updated Austrian physical activity guidelines, which the expert group has published in June 2020.

The evaluation of a project with two sectors involved (health insurances and organised sports) is currently Titze’s challenge in terms of the maintenance of the intervention quality as well as in terms of the dissemination across Austria.