Dr., Senior Lecturer at the Department of Psychology, Water Innovation and Research Centre (WIRC), Institute for Policy Research (IPR) Smart Warehousing and Logistics Systems, University of Bath, United Kingdom.

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Ian Walker is a Senior Lecturer in statistics and traffic psychology at the University of Bath and Researcher with a big capital on road safety, travel choices, energy consumption, water use, and the built environment.

Walker is also the author of the book Research Methods and Statistics and co-author of the book Research with People: Theory, Plans, and Practicals. Outside work, a big part of dr. Walker's life is ultra-endurance cycling. In 2019 he broke the world record for cycling between the northernmost and southernmost points of Europe. Dr. Walker rode 6,367 km in 16 days, 20 hours and 59 minutes - an average of most impressive 377 km per day.

Walker's experiences from couch potato to the record-breaking long-distance cyclist are captured in his book, Endless Perfect Circles.

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