Why Alliance?

of the Alliance

  1. Because railway and other sustainable modes of transport provide cost-effective mobility for all solutions that benefit the economy, protect the environment and ensure that cities and regions develop and prosper while granting well-being to the population.
  2. Because reestablishment of the cross-border railway missing links and connections represents one of the biggest opportunities for enhanced mobility, economic and sustainable development in European Union border regions.
  3. Because current mobility habits in Slovenia and further in Central and Eastern Europe dominated by private motorised modes result not only in increased congestion and pollution but also reduce economic progress and social cohesion.
Corridor Sava proposal connecting Salzburg Ljubljana Zagreb

Core TEN_T Railway Sava Corridor proposal: Salzburg–Jesenice–Ljubljana–Dobova–Zagreb.

The Sava Corridor is also known as Corridor X, for which there is a very strong interest in freight transport. Regarding passenger traffic, we need to know that in the 1980s we had 30 daily connections on this corridor on the Munich-Belgrade route. Today we have three connections from Ljubljana to Munich, only one without a transfer. We have only three trains a day from Ljubljana to Zagreb, and there are currently no railway connections to Belgrade from Ljubljana. The corridor in Slovenia has three existing lines or routes. Karavanke Tunnel, which has been renovated, but as a single-track, although it was basically two-track line and the line between Jesenice and the tunnel is two-track and electrified. The Ljubljana–Jesenice lineis single-track and electrified and is being upgraded and registered to the core TEN-T (currently enrolled in comprehensive TEN-T). Slovenian Railways are already planning the second track of this line. The Ljubljana–Zidani most–Dobova line is two-track and electrified, according to strategic documents in the Republic of Slovenia, the section to Zidani most is planned as four-track. In the autumn of 2021, the responsible Minister of Infrastructure, Jernej Vrtovec, submitted a request for the entry of this corridor in the core TEN-T, officially named the Alpine–South-Eastern Corridor, to the European Commissioner for Transport Adina Vălean.
Line Salzburg–Villach–Karawanks Tunnel
Salzburg–Villach–Karawanks Tunnel

This is a more than 200 km long railway line, with 42 stations/stops.

Railway Line Karawanks Tunnel– Jesenice–Ljubljana–Dobova
Karawanks Tunnel–Jesenice–Ljubljana–Dobova

186 km long railway line, from SB Austria and Jesenice to Dobova and SB Croatia.

Railway line Zagreb–Zaprešić-SB Slovenia
Zagreb–Zaprešić–SB Slovenia

27 km long railway line, from Zagreb to Zaprešić and SB Slovenia in Dobova.