About the institute

Why institute?

The chosen organizational form is suitable for connecting economy, policy with civil institutions and performing a representative function in developing sustainable infrastructure.

The founders of Mobilitatis Omni have chosen the institute as the most appropriate legal form of this initiative. The chosen legal form enables the interest of associations of economic and other private, civil and public legal entities, as well as individuals.

The chosen form enables the representation of interests in the development of sustainable transport and energy infrastructure in the regions of Central Europe.

The default organizational form is suitable for performing a connecting and representative function and has the potential to take a credible place in economic, political and other discussions.

Legal adviser

legal adviser

Teranep, svetovanje in upravljanje, d.o.o.
[in English Teranep, consulting and management, LLC].

Plinarniška ulica 4, Trnovlje pri Celju, 3000 Celje, Slovenia.

Director: Sašo Drobnak, BSc in Law.

Notary office:

notary office

Alenka Ratnik, MSc;

Kocljeva ulica 14a, SI-9000 Murska Sobota.