Who are we?

Institute for
of sustainable
and mobility of all

We are re-establishing intercity, interregional and international connections of public passenger transport and other forms of sustainable and e-mobility. All in close connection with proposals for upgrading the existing railway infrastructure, railway lines, and stations and stops.

What we promise?

Four core &
seven extended core
railway corridors in TEN_T

We are the initiative to completely upgrade the railway network in Slovenia, which in the 21st century has fewer railway lines than at the beginning of the 20th century. To us, to our members and partners, this is unacceptable.
That's why we designed four core and seven extended TEN_T cross-border railway corridor proposals, in the first place  to use the potential of existing railways in Slovenia and its border regions—while simultaneously re-establishing frequent railway cross-border connections. That's our promise.
Legal form

Why institute?

The founders of Mobilitatis Omni have chosen the institute as the most appropriate legal form of this initiative.

Sources of funding

The membership fee is the basic financial source of the institute's function.

ID Card

Name of the institute: Mobilitatis Omni.

Plese 9a, SI-9000 Murska Sobota, Slovenia.

m: +386 41 730 882

e: info@mobilitatisomni.org

Founders & members

members &
partners of the institute

Three companies—Arcont, Pomurski sejem and Teleing gradnje—founded the Mobilitatis Omni institute. Several other companies, organisations and municipalities joined in the meantime.

Mobilitatis Omni member companies and institutes
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Mobilitatis Omni member municipalities
The leadership team of the institute

Marko Savić is director of the institute.

Peter Beznec is the future president of the institutes' council.

Marko Savić MA, MBA is an initiator and co-founder of the Mobilitatis Omni Institute. Savić is a former Senior Lecturer in Design Management at the Faculty of Design. Currently, Savić is an interdisciplinary doctoral student of Environmental Protection.

Peter Beznec is a Director of the Centre for Health and Development, Murska Sobota, and future President of the Mobilitatis Omni institutes' council.
Legenda infografike omrežja železniških prog v Sloveniji
Mobilitatis Omni institute promise

Upgrade to 870 of core TEN_T
railway kilometres in Slovenia. By 2030!

All border railway crossing in five countries re-opened.

We designed a proposal of four core and seven extended TEN-T railway corridors. That is how we are going to upgrade and reopen all railway crossings of Slovenia with our neighbours in Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, and last but not least, Slovakia.

Vision of the institute

By 2030 we will increase the current core TEN_T railway kilometres length in Sloveniafrom 510 railway kilometres to 870 railway kilometres.

From the comprehensive TEN_T railway lines of the current combined length of 107 railway kilometres, we will upgrade it to 515 kilometres of extended TEN_T, of which 365 are existing lines and 125 estimated kilometres of new lines.